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iOS iPhone

History Of IOS Devices

IOS (iPhone, iPad) is the hottest new mobile device with millions of downloads and a growing number of users each day. But with so many people looking for ways to know about its origins, there are plenty of myths surrounding the...

iOS iPhone

How to Fix Your GPS iPhone Bugs

The question on how to fix your GPS iPhone bugs comes up from time to time. Whether you have lost a signal or if you want to make your phone more functional, it is in your best interest to fix these issues before they become too...

iOS iPhone

How To Improve Battery Life In iOS 14

In the early days, iOS devices would have really struggled when it came to battery life, leaving users with very few options when it came to saving their precious data. However, Apple has finally addressed these problems with iOS...

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Huawei Panasonic

5G Networks on Whimsies

It has been a hot topic of discussion among mobile manufacturers and service providers and is expected to bring out a new era in the field of telecommunication. There are 5G networks that have been launched by various mobile...

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