Is HTC preparing its return to smartphones with a foldable phone?

HTC has fallen into darkness regarding smartphones. But a recently discovered patent suggests it is considering a comeback, with a foldable phone. LetsGoDigital said it had spotted a folder that details a mobile device with a foldable screen outside and a central hinge.

In other words, the screen is still visible, but in two distinct halves, when the phone is closed. The patent documentation reveals nothing else, although the included sketches show how the hinge works. The fold of this device is reminiscent of the Motorola Razr, in the sense that it is horizontal in the middle rather than vertical. Other ranking information indicates that the display automatically adjusts when the device is folded so that it can always display information even when it is closed.

It’s been a year since HTC went under a new direction. And its new CEO has indicated that HTC wants to relaunch its smartphone division. It is therefore not out of the question to think that the company plans to make a big bang with its resurrection, introducing an innovative device with an unusual form factor.

Let’s take a step back, however, and let’s remember that patent filings only show what manufacturers or companies have thought of – not what they are currently producing in factories or in active development. We believe htc will remain silent on this patent for now.

If HTC releases a foldable phone in the next few years, would you try it? And what kind of price do you think it should get in the U.S. and the U.K.?

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